Redefining Turbine Technology

Spread of UMTE's

Ultra-Micro Turbine Engine (UMTEs)

In applications requiring extremely lightweight, high power devices, UMTEs offer a dynamic solution. Whether for deployable power, micro unmanned vehicle systems, directed energy or other use cases, ecoJet’s UMTEs provide flexible on-demand power in the 500W – 5kW range. Utilising advanced materials and innovative engine architectures, ecoJet offers a leading capability in small, lightweight energy.

Micro Turbine Engine (MTEs)

In applications requiring compact, lightweight power generation with significant flexibility in usable fuel, MTEs offer a versatile solution. For fixed/deployable power, larger unmanned systems and other use cases, ecoJet’s MTEs offer agile, reliable power in the 5kW – 20kW range.

Through employing advanced materials, flexibility in fuel selection and an efficient, modular design, ecoJet offers a scalable, light and compact capability to meet evolving energy needs.