Our People

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Agility - Innovation - Trust

ecoJet Engineering Pty. Ltd. is a South Australian company providing leading power solutions. ecoJet is developing novel micro turbine technology for a range of applications. Through innovative, proprietary advances and industry/defence collaboration, ecoJet is delivering the next generation of on-demand power.

This team has been awarded state grants and rapid prototyping contracts to demonstrate the advantages of ecoJet’s turbine technology, which was awarded ‘Best Innovation for Defence’ at Land Forces Conferences 2018. ecoJet is working to build relationships as a trusted partner for defence and industry to deliver agile, tailored power solutions in a range of markets and applications.

Our Team

ecoJet Engineering was founded in 2016 by Warren Day, James Kim and Alexander Wright.  The ecoJet directors are supported by an advisory board of experienced professionals with diverse backgrounds and expertise.